Are you ready to STOP cooking every day and spend more time relaxing with your family?


Meal Prep Express Masterclass Series

(for busy moms!)

Learn how to meal prep an entire week of quick, easy, healthy dinners in 2 hours or less so you can STOP cooking every day, and START spending more time relaxing with your family TONIGHT!  


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LESS time thinking of what to make, planning, and cooking, and MORE time relaxing with your family this WEEK!

Day 1 

START Meal Prepping (the right way!) in 3 Easy Steps!

Day 2

SHOP in 1 Hour or Less Save $75 on your next Grocery Bill! (Without Cutting Coupons!)

Day 3 

COOK a Week of Dinners (in 2 Hours or Less!) Every Week w/ the Meal Prep Express Method!

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YES! I'm ready to STOP cooking every day and meal prep (the right way)!

Prizes + Giveaways (if you show up live)!

Prizes + Giveaways

Including a chance to win a FREE month inside my brand new Meal Prep Like a Mother Online Membership!




I spent years struggling to meal prep healthy meals for my family.

I would spend 6+ hours per week looking up recipes on google/Pinterest, navigating multiple grocery stores for hard to find ingredients, and then feeling overwhelmed and exhausted spend 4-5 hours cooking...just to feed my family healthy + delicious meals.

I said enough is enough!

I committed to figuring out the quickest + easiest way to get healthy meals on the table fast, all while saving you time + money in the kitchen. And, that's what I'm here to share with you!

Join the Meal Prep Express Masterclass HERE, and I'll help you build a meal prep machine that will have you cooking an entire week of healthy meals in 2 hours or less!


I'm ready to save time + take the stress out of cooking with meal prep!

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