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Let's workout together!

Choosing a personal trainer is a big step, so let's get to know each other a little better to ensure we're the right fit!

I've designed the 5-Day From Sitting to Sexy Workout Challenge just for you, to help get you started on your fitness journey!

Each Daily Workout includes:

🔥A 5-minute Guided Warm-Up

🔥A 15-minute Guided Workout

🔥A 5-minute Guided Cool-down

🔥Beginner and Advanced Exercise Modifications

🔥At home/gym variations


Calling all busy desk workers...

Are You?...

⚡ Currently sitting + working in front of a computer for 8+ hours/day and feeling stiff, tired, tight + sore?

 ⚡Tired of spending hours scrolling YouTube for free workouts only to give up because you're unsure of how or where to start?

 ⚡Wanting to have the energy at the end of your busy day/week to more fully show up for you friends, family, and kids?

⚡ Wondering how to start training at home or at the gym in a way that actually feels good and won't cause injury or pain?

I'm here to give all the tools, guidance + support you need to go from sitting, sore, tight, and tired to energized, fit, and sexy!

Guided Workout Programs

Progressive workout programs to keep you getting stronger and leaner week after week, month after month!


Accountability + Support

Get the support you need when you need it.

Connect, share, and grow with a trainer who is committed to your success!

All the Tools You Need

We all know workouts alone aren't enough to see results and feel good in our bodies. This program fills in the gaps left by traditional training programs: teaching you how to eat well, stretch, and recover between workouts so you will actually enjoy your fitness journey ;).

My Promise to You...

No More...

👎Endless hours searching on YouTube for the right workouts
👎Feeling overwhelmed thinking "where do I start?" or "How can I fit this into my life?"
👎Needing to rely on internal motivation and willpower to stay on track



✔️Feel good in your body + have more energy everyday

✔️Decrease the chronic pain, stiffness + tightness from years of sitting at a desk so you can move how you want!

✔️Know exactly what to do to become a vibrant and energetic weekend warrior who has the energy to live the life they want on their own terms!


From Sitting to Sexy Online: The "Desk-aholic's" Guide to Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset

This online monthly membership training program is designed for the busy desk worker. It provides you with workouts, community, tools and support to help optimize posture, increase energy, eat healthy and keep you accountable on your fitness journey.


Your monthly membership includes:

⚡6 New Full Body Workouts w/ video tutorials each month + Monthly Workout Calendar, so you know exactly what to do each and every day!

⚡Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls w/ Me!

⚡Access to Private VIP Support + Accountability Group

⚡Weekly Cardio Challenges

⚡Monthly + Weekly Self-Assessment Tools to keep you on track and allow you to see concrete results

⚡Guide to Nutrition Basics to make sure you're eating habits support your new healthy lifestyle

+ More!

Start your fitness journey today!

Online Personal Training


If you're unsure of where to start and want continuous individualized support on every step of your fitness journey, I invite you to explore Online Personal Training.

Your training program includes:

⚡Live Virtual Fitness Assessment + Goal Setting Consult

⚡Fully Customized Workout Program tailored to your specific needs/goals that can be done from home or at the gym (1, 3, 6, 12 month plans available)

⚡Weekly Video or Phone Coaching Call Check-ins + Email Support - get the support you need when you need it!


Learn More!

Fascial Stretch Therapy (Coming September 2020)


1 on 1 Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions will help to decrease chronic pain, tightness, and stiffness by creating more space in your joints and elongating and making more flexible the fascial slings/nets of your body.

Different from massage, this technique of creating space and lengthening is one of the most effective practices to help you feel good as you move in your body.

Less pain and stiffness means more time to move, groove, and live the life you want to live!

Coming Soon

A few words from your coach...

I wasn’t always so invested in fitness and nutrition.  At the beginning of my fitness journey I was working a classic 9-5 desk job, going to the gym when I could find the time and doing my best to cook “healthy-ish” meals, which if I'm being honest wasn't all that often 😂

But after years of sitting, I had chronic pain in my neck, hips, and low back and was overweight and unhappy. Like you, I knew that I just needed the right tools, motivation, and support to be able to re-energize my life...And after much trial and error, I did just that!

I no longer have chronic pain, I feel energized, and am able to move, dress, and play how I want!

And you can do the same!

From Sitting to Sexy is an online holistic progressive training program that I've designed specifically for you, the busy desk-worker.

It gives you the tools to decrease pain, stiffness, and stress while increasing energy and optimizing how you feel in your body! What are you waiting for, let's get healthy together!

Your Trainer,


Start your fitness journey today!

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