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Meal Prep Like a Mother - Meal Prep Membership for Busy Moms

Nourish your family and get food on the table fast with my 5 Step Meal Prep Express Strategy, so you can take the stress out of meal times, spend less time in the kitchen, and always be prepared when your family asks, "what's for dinner?"

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Quick, easy, and actionable meal prep, fitness, and lifestyle tips that teach you, the busy mom, exactly how to take back control of your life + live a healthy lifestyle even when your short on time, energy, and patience, and space! 

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Meal Prep is the quickest and easiest way to get food on the table fast, spend less time in the kitchen, more time relaxing with your family, and always have an answer when they ask "what's for dinner!"

Client Love + Results!

"I've so enjoyed my stint as part of your community, you're a gorgeous coach and create a super space for your tribe. "


"You are fun to work with and give me all the tools I need to achieve my goals. You're knowledgeable and intuitive and I feel safe in that I won't hurt myself by doing something the wrong way. I love working out with you!"


"You absolutely helped me achieve my goals. You were energetic and inspiring and the workouts were definitely created with my goals in mind! I have a lot of fun training with you, and know you're passionate about caring for your clients <3."


"You always challenge me to improve. You train side by side with me, motivating me! My results improve every time I train. You are always happy and a joy to train with!"


Hey Momma!


I spent years struggling to meal prep healthy meals for my family.

I would spend 6+ hours per week looking up recipes on google/pinterest, navigating multiple grocery stores for hard to find ingredients, and then feeling overwhelmed and exhausted having to cook it all just to feed my family healthy + delicious meals, I said enough is enough!

I committed to figuring out the quickest + easiest way to get healthy meals on the table fast, all while saving you time + money in the kitchen. And, that's what I'm here to share with you!

You no longer have to stay stuck in overwhelm and waste hours every week trying to plan, prep, shop and cook healthy meals for  your family that they’ve had 1,000 times before...

....when you can simply become a member of the Simply Fit Mom Squad to get weekly meal prep inspiration/recipes, kitchen equipment reviews, kitchen organization tips, and money-saving hacks customized for you, the busy mom


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